School Procedures and Information

To obtain your copy of the contract you must login to your schools account.  The link to down the contract can be found at the bottom of the Season Information screen. You can return the executed contract by faxing or emailing back to GSOA.  Once we receive your contract your school will be activated for schedule entry.  GSOA encourages schools to enter their home scheduled as soon as possible as we accept them on a first come, first serve basis.  We do have limits on the total number of games that we can accept.

Season Information

GSOA looks forward to once again providing referees for your home soccer games. As the sport of soccer continues to grow in Georgia and the number of new schools being added each year, there are times where our resources are stretched, and we ask all of our clients to work with us to insure adequate coverage of games. This could mean that GSOA will have to decline one or more of your home games due to the number of games already accepted for a particular day. GSOA will work with you to determine alternate days to reschedule the declined games.

Contract for Services

GSOA's contract for services can be found later in this document. All portions of the contract need to be completed and faxed back to GSOA. Once GSOA receives your properly executed contract (all portions completed and signed) your school will be activated for schedule entry on the GSOA website. Please email your completedcontract to (1st VP for Schools) Game fees and travel charges used by GSOA are prescribed by the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). These same fees apply to GHSA and GISA member schools and are described in the GHSA Constitution and By-Laws, Appendix F. According to the GHSA Executive Committee meeting in August of 2007 the following policy is in place: "In the event that a scheduled contest cannot be started due to weather related conditions, and the assigned officials have arrived at the contest site, the officials will be paid one half the contest fee in addition to the travel allowance." Travel allowance for soccer will be a flat fee of $35.00 per venue day. If your school has one game scheduled or two games scheduled in a given day at the same location the school will be charged $35.00. If your school has more than two games at a given location and GSOA elects to bring a second crew in for the remaining games an additional $35.00 will be charged, in increments of two games. Click Here to Download Contract for Services

All business with our clients is conducted through the GSOA website ( It is the responsibility of our clients to login into the website to review pertinent information about the season, enter, modify and cancel games through the website interface. Failing to follow these instructions can lead to your school being charged for game(s) not played. A telephone call is NOT sufficient to cancel game(s), clients MUST cancel game(s) via the website.
You must login to the website to download the current season contract. Once GSOA receives the executed contract your school will be activated for schedule entry.

Login Information

Each school is assigned a username and password by GSOA. It is the schools responsibility to control access to its login credentials. Any games, schedule modifications and/or cancellations that are entered into the system using these credentials are assumed by GSOA to have been properly authorized by the school. If you need your school's credentials to login, click on the link at the top of the page.

School Information

At the beginning of each season GSOA may require the school to re-enter contact information. It is important that this information is updated as needed. GSOA uses this information to contact the school and/or coaches should the need arise. Please make sure that we have names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for all coaches, athletic director and persons responsible for processing invoices.

Schedule Entry

A school will be given permission to enter games into the GSOA website within 24 hours of receiving a properly executed contract and any outstanding balances have been addressed. Schedule entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. This means schools that execute and fax back their contract first will have an advantage over those who wait to a later date. GSOA has a finite number of referees available for doing games. GSOA uses the number of referees to set maximum number of games that can be played on any given day of the week. It should be noted that it is not the same number for every day. Once we have accepted this preset maximum number of games in a day we will no longer accept additional games.
Print your schedule after entry as your proof of schedule entry into the system. All entered games will be shown. After all of your games have accepted; please print out a copy of your schedule for your records. Per the conditions of our contract you will have assigned referees for your accepted, scheduled matches.

Games Pending

As schools enter their schedule into the website they are all flagged as pending. If a game has been flagged with the pending status, it means that GSOA has not taken action on the game. It is the schools responsibility to check the status of the games. Once action has been taken the games will either be accepted or declined.

Game(s) Acceptance

As games are being entered into the website, GSOA will routinely go through the pending games. If GSOA has adequate resources on a given day, the games will be accepted. Once a game is accepted it will be assigned officials. The schools should not have to do anything else for this game unless there is a reason to cancel or reschedule.

Game(s) Declined

If GSOA has reached the maximum number of games that can be assigned for any given day the game will be declined. If you have games that are in the declined status they will need to be rescheduled. Keep in mind our highest days for games, especially varsity are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. When rescheduling the game try to avoid these games unless you know that we have capacity on a given day.
It is the schools responsible to check the schedule status and reschedule games when they are declined. GSOA will provide assistance in selecting a rescheduling date. To get assistance contact Patrick Baker , Vice President-Schools (

Cancelling Games

When cancelling games it must be done through the website. Please do not call the assignor or GSOA officers. Failing to cancel the games via the website could result in the school being charged for the games. In the event that you are cancelling the game within four hours of the start time please call the assignor, Tim Wool. AFTER cancelling the game in the website. NOTE: Cold weather is not a valid weather condition.

Rescheduling Games

When working with the other school to reschedule a game you should look at the scheduling calendar on the website to determine open days when GSOA has resources available. If you try to reschedule a game on a date that has reached maximum number of games it will be declined.
After rescheduling the game make sure that you check back on the website to make sure that it has been accepted.

During the Season

GSOA is committed to providing the best services to our schools. If issues arise during the season we encourage you to reach out to us so that they can be resolved. For issues involving scheduling and billing contact Patrick Baker, Vice President-Schools (

Referee Feedback

After each game we encourage our schools to provide feedback on the referees for any given game. There is a feedback form on the GSOA website that will allow the coaches to provide both numerical ratings and detailed comments. Note in most cases you will be able to provide feedback for both your home and away games. If the option does not exist for an away game it is because GSOA does not service that school.


At the end of the regular season it is the schools responsibility to login on to the website and download invoice. Once all of your regular season and regional playoff games are completed you should download the invoice. GSOA does not assign or bill schools for state playoff games.


Please note per section IX of our contract, you have seven (7) days after the date of a charge to dispute it. You should periodically logon to the website and review the charges; any discrepancy should be put in writing to Patrick Baker, Vice President-Schools (

Due Date

Your invoices are due within 14 days from the time of reception. GSOA will be invoicing your school monthly throughout the season.


Payment should be made by check to:
GSOA — P.O. Box 20462 — Atlanta, GA 30325