Procedures and Guidelines for the Upcoming Season

Report by telephone any serious incidents to Mark Sweatt (404) 368-5055

The website for all assignments and entering game scores and mileage is If you experience a problem with your login and/or access to the website, you are to contact Your Commissioner First. Contacting Tim or another Board Member will only delay the response. Keep in mind that your commissioner, like you have other jobs or could be on the field.

The commissioners are assigned by Last Name of the Referee (your last name). A list of Commissioners can be found here:

GSOA Policy Document

Please take a moment the next time you are on the GSOA website to look at GSOA Policy Document, you can find a link on the main page after logging into the system.

Tim Wool's Contact Information


Phone: 770-978-0072

Do not call any other numbers for Tim. You may have received a phone call from Tim or one of her assistants that shows a different number on your Caller ID, when they go into mass calling to cancel games, they use every phone that is available.


In most cases the initial assignments for the upcoming week will be posted on the website by Sunday morning prior to the weeks games. Please review your assignments and accept or decline as soon as possible. Keep in mind that on most days we have 150+ games. Just like you want to know what your schedule is for the week. Tim needs to know what games still need coverage as soon as possible. If you are not available decline that game as soon as possible, this is not held against you. If something occurs the day of the game and believe you cannot make the game, contact Tim as soon as possible. She might be able to replace you with not problems, so could potential change your assignment to another location/time. If you do not communicate, Tim will not be able to help you

Day of the Game Procedures:

Try to contact your partner prior to arrival at the field. Make sure that you have their contact information. Plan to arrive at the school at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the match. If you are running late, contact your partner and keep them updated on when you expect to arrive at the field. Your partner can inform the coaches and adjust the start time appropriately. It will also allow the game to start as soon as possible.

Before you start the match make sure that you have met with the Game Site Administrator, they are required by GHSA. The Game Site Administrator cannot be a member of the home teams coaching staff (i.e. coach on the sideline).

Call Tim, from the field, if your game is not played or not finished.

After the Game:

Do not loiter! Leave the field and surrounding area as soon as possible. Leave the field together; ideally you should be parked together. If not make sure that everyone makes it to their car without incident. If it was a highly contested game or controversial, you may elect to wait in the locker room until the fans have exited the stadium. The school should provide escort from the field and to your car. Do not go alone. If you had problems with players, coaches, or spectators contact Tim. Tim will make sure the appropriate board members are aware of the situation. A board member might contact you that night. The purpose of this procedure is to protect you and GSOA in the future. If you are not sure whether it is a major incident contact Tim.